Anonymous said: It would be so empty without him there just going "oh my god" over and over when something huge happens.

Hey we still have Deman who CANNOT BELIEVE 

Anonymous said: Idk, reddit is confusing, i just hope no matter what well see him again, he's so much fun and a great shoutcaster in general

Joe ‘Please don’t call me ‘Joe ‘Joe miller’ Miller’ Miller has been around since the start he can’t leave ;-;

Anonymous said: Why do I have a bad feeling you're starting to suspect who I am.

I have one guess from the slang used and now i know its got to be someone i know from this ask, but i can play along if u wanna stay anon

Anonymous said: OH MY GOD U DONT KNOW??! He works for blizzard, not riot. When eu lcs moves to berlin, hes staying in cologne. Atleast thats what I read on reddit a while ago. Think he may also have tweeted about it?

Oh, but he is contracted out by riot which is why he did worlds, so im sure there is a chance he will get contracted still pls god pls

Anonymous said: Most of my convos turn around just like that its actually so fun. Speaking of which, it was so nice to see joe shoutcast in the finals, im gonna miss him so much

what do u mean miss him? WHAT’S HAPPENING TO JOE?

Anonymous said: I think we all already know how fast his fingers can be

how did this go from a rekkles discussion to bjerg knowing how to please a women? i  like you, anon

Anonymous said: Omgg indeed . Why does he do that though? Like here look at my hands friends v nice yes? Or maybe its so show the gear

ye he is sponsored by logitech n part of the deal thingy is to show it off so he does that ( the webcams are logitech too lmao) but i like to think it’s too show off his fast fingers ;)

Anonymous said: Goddamn theres rumours flying around that rekkles might leave fnatic. At first i just thought it was hella troll but now there are "sources close to all/rekkles" that says they've disgussed him maybe replacing tabbz. I get it tho, he is on another mechanical level and is so young with so much potential. Hope people wont give him too much shit if he goes through with it

Heis contracted through till the end of next summer split though so idk if he is able to leave even if he want’s to go

Anonymous said: Im right here, was watching bjergsenbae stream. Bless him he has 3 cams, amazing

His hand work is great ;) Why r u anon, pls do not be anon

Where is my nice anon friend do u wanna discuss more league